Inalis Jewelry: Finger Rings That Resemble Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

Inalis is an infamous fashion line that provides simple affordable earrings, finger rings, and bracelets among other jewelry. It is known to provide high-quality jewelry that resembles some of the highest-value items in the market. Their recent set of rings is designed to look just like the one Prince Harry Gave to Meghan Markle as their engagement ring. But what makes Meghan’s ring so different from the ones other royals have worn in the past?

inalis jewelry

The secret behind Meghan Markle’s engagement ring

Just a few months ago, Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle and a precious gold and diamond ring became the highlight of their prospect wedding. While the couple looked stunning as always in front of the press, all eyes were on the new engagement ring that Meghan wore. Apparently, it was a ring belonging to Prince Harry and he also designed it. The ring is made of three diamonds and a gold band. It is now known that the diamonds in the ring were taken from Princess Diana’s (Harry’s mother) personal belongings. It is one of the many ways Prince Harry remembers his late mother. The large central diamond also has a significant meaning as it originated from Botswana where Prince Harry’s dad took them to cool off following the death of their mother. You can see why all women would love to get Meghan’s diamond ring.

inalis jewelry

Top finger rings that resemble Meghan Markle’s engagement ring

Although Meghan’s engagement ring is probably something you cannot afford, it does not close doors to impressing the lovely woman of your life. Thanks to Inalis jewelry, you can now order high-quality rings that look just as stunning as the one Prince Harry went down on one knee holding. The top three finger rings from Inalis include;

a)Inalis simple flower shaped inlaid colorful circular zircon rings ($10.99)

inalis jewelry

b)Inalis platinum plated zircon wedding gift finger rings ($17.20)

inalis jewelry

c)Inalis zircon platinum engagement gift wedding finger rings ($12.52)

inalis jewelry

These rings may cost under 20 dollars, but they are designed to look plush and extravagant as any costly jewelry. They feature platinum plated parts and zircon with a predominant silver look. They are simply stylish and will easily pass for expensive rings that you can use to gift and warm the heart of your girlfriend.



Make your woman feel special and appreciated by gifting her Inalis jewelry platinum plated finger ring. You have the opportunity to buy her a present without having to break the bank. The look and appeal are far from cheap, and the detail is incredible. With such options, you have no excuse for showing up without a gift box the next time you meet your other half.


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