Jewelry Finding: Do Add Talia Collar into Your Jewelry Box

If you keep a watchful eye on the blog, it is easy for you to find that I love to share something new, unique and beautiful with you. And this time, the talia collar is our focus which is my new jewelry finding to highlight summer’s look. After testing the good item, I can’t wait to tell all of you loudly here. From the point of my view, it is really a piece of excellent jewelry that worth adding into your jewelry box at once. In the following, just learn more information about it.

Talia CollarTalia Collar

Talia collar, is a metal choker with a stone pendant and geo dangles inspired in southwestern. From the name, there is nothing else to doubt it isn’t the exclusive summer jewelry. In hot summer, many of you tend to take off high-necked outfits and scarves and change into low-cut T-shirt, collarless clothing or strapless dress. Facing empty neck, the talia collar is your optimal decoration. There are brass and silver colors, surely both of them are easy to go well with any outfit you wear and any appearance you want to show.

Talia CollarTalia CollarTalia CollarTalia CollarTalia Collar

To begin with, there is no doubt that the necklace is the best accompany for your leisure dress in resting day. When add it, you incredibly look alluring and attractive. Also, when you need to show up some formal events, the talia collar won’t make you look exaggerated but suitable and charming. In addition, it is more right to wear it during party time so as to match with your sexy and fascinating dress perfectly.

Talia CollarTalia CollarTalia CollarTalia CollarTalia CollarTalia Collar


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