Jewelry for Belly Button

Jewelry for the belly button to make you look more and more amazing is quite popular today. In order to put on the belly button, you will need to get your belly button piercing. And after the piercing, you have to put on bow belly button rings that are made with the material that your body is not sensitive with. Although it sounds really scary to pierce your belly button, as a matter of fact that the belly button piercing is actually safe and simple, and it won’t be more difficult than piercing ears, nose or lips. By the way, if you get your lips piercing, your family might not agree with that.

bow belly button rings bow belly button rings

Gold and silver will be the most popular material of jewelry, not only for the belly button jewelry but also other staples of your jewelry wardrobe. And the belly button jewelry that is made of gold or silver will often be embellished with precious stones, gems, or crystals.

bow navel ring

Stainless steel will be an affordable choice for most of you. And of course, you could find that the belly button jewelry is sold everywhere, for example, you could get this bow navel ring, made of stainless steel from, so it’s also a handy choice for you. However, they often contain nickel alloy, which may cause an allergic reaction.

bow navel ring

Titanium will be the material that I highly recommend due to it’s the safest material after all. Titanium would hardly cause the allergies and is well accepted by the human organism. What’s more, belly button jewelry that is made of titanium, due to the anodizing, can have a variety of colors. However, the disadvantage is that it cost a whole bunch.

bow navel ring

Jewelry for the navel of acrylic does not cause allergies. But this material does not allow the skin to “breathe”, which can lead to sweating and the manifestation of the smell of sweat.


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