Which Jewelry Suitable for Your Body Shape

If you keep the same, it is truth that there is no contrast or lofty, but there are no splendid either, it just dull. According to the basic things, you should also add something different. If you put all the same things together then they just like boiling the water with water, without any tastes; only when you have combined some seasoning can you make a delicious thing. The same as the visual, for instance, a person who has plus sized body should wear clothes with vertical stripe while the thin one should add clothes with cross stripes. Because you will find the vertical stripe can make the fat look a little thinner and the cross stripes look wider than before so as not too thin. This is the effect of “on the contrary the hedge”. If you add some different element to your short coming, just let a fat man wearing the cross stripes then you can know. The fashion jewelry has the same effect as the fashion clothes too.

fashion jewelry

1. For the plus sized
With this body shape, you might look bloated all the time, both your arms and neckline will build a short and thick look. Therefore, you should find some jewelry to take away the short and thick which can make you look even symmetry than before. Don’t wear the wider rings, as the wider one will more likely to show your shorter hand. The same is true choosing the small and long necklaces instead of bulk. On the other hand, there are many fats on your waist of fat person, but it doesn’t mean you are looking bad; on the contrary, adding some big and wide bracelets can make a balance. Of course, wear delicate bracelet chains are just on the way good and look beautiful.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelry

2. For the thin
A person who is both tall and thin, you will find their hand and neck look a little weak, give us an expression that inability. The wider and gorgeous styles of jewelry can draw more attention and look active. You shouldn’t wear wide or angular rings, or you will find your finger look sere and lifeless. But you can choose the jewelry that with bright colors, or jadeite is active and suitable for you.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelry

3. For the petite
On the one hand, you shouldn’t choose the jewelry which is big and bold, or you can’t make a balance with your body shape. Besides, you can feel free to select the long and small necklace, earrings.

fashion jewelry

4. For the strong
You should pick up the bold jewelry so as you can make a balance with your body shape too. You can choose Red Crystal Jewelry Set. On the contrary, delicate jewelry can add some reiki instead of dull.


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