Jewelry To Make Your Maxi Dress Sizzle

In the past, when it refers to long dresses, the formal occasions may come to our mind.  But now the maxi dress is a comfortable option for more casual occasions such as parties and informal dining. Maxi dresses make a bold statement, so it is important to choose the right accessories for extra pizzazz.  Therefore, I am going to share some ideas about how to accessorize your maxi dress with jewelry. Necklaces, finger rings, bangles, and earrings are your main considerations when accessorizing your maxi dress.

finger rings	Making Your Neckline Pop

Maxi dresses tend to have a V-shaped or circular scooped neckline. Wearing a single vivid statement necklace will draw attention to your neckline and face. You can try some thicker chains and unusual pendants. And you could also go for textures such as a necklace made from stones or fabric, rather than a metal chain.

Another option would be to layer multiple necklace chains for an eye-catching look. Try mixing delicate and chunky chains in different lengths to gain effect. Don’t be afraid to wear gold and silver together to add further interest.

finger rings	Finger Ring

At any party, your hands will be on the show. Whether you are accepting a drink or gesturing while you talk, the finger ring or rings you have chosen will become a focal point.

If your usual finger rings are quite elegant and set with precious stones, this is your chance to break out the costume jewelry. A large finger ring in a bright geometric shape can accessorize a maxi dress beautifully.

Alternatively, if you have chosen to wear a single statement necklace, you could wear a few different rings in varying designs and colors. Wear rings on several different fingers or stack two or more on one finger. Whatever you do, make sure that each finger ring you choose can stand alone as a point of interest.

finger rings	Bangles

Maxi party dresses usually mean bear arms. The number and type of bangles you wear should be determined by your finger ring and necklace choices. If you are wearing a lot of rings or necklaces, a single cuff will suffice.

On the other hand, if you have elected to go minimalist with your other jewelry, a stack of stylish bracelets on one, or both, wrists will add character to your maxi dress. Bracelets worn on the upper arm can also make a bold statement.

finger rings	Earrings

At a party, heavy earrings are likely to weigh you down and detract from your maxi dress. The current trend in chandelier earrings is the perfect fun accessory for your dress and will offset your face. Choose a color which matches or enhances your dress for maximum effect.

finger rings

Have Fun

Going to a party is all about having fun. Make sure the fun starts at home as you carefully choose each earring, finger ring, necklace, and bangle to offset your maxi dress. You’re casual, yet confident, style is sure to be noticed. For more jewelry to accessorize your dress, please go to Banggood.


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