Know More about Your Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Necklace

Some people like to wear bracelet of leisure style. Wooden beads bracelet is popular among these people due to the simple sense. In particular, plenty of people are interested in Sandalwood Bead Bracelet, which is made from special material- sandalwood. However, many of them know little about it and don’t know how to protect it well so that it gets worse and worse. Read the follow knowledge about Sandalwood Bead Bracelet, you are bound to be enlightened.

wooden beads braceletwooden beads bracelet

Generally speaking, bracelet made from wood can’t be drowned in the water except oolong wood. But some old sandalwoods can be submerged, which have water-wave texture, obvious growth wheel and obscure pores. In fact, common people can’t afford to eaglewood, so those who appreciate natural wooden bracelet begin to pay attention to sandalwood. It has delicate textures, touched smooth and comfortable. Its density is 0.87-0.97 gram per cubic centimeter. Thanks to the natural fragrance, it is welcomed by most people.

Sandalwood Bead Bracelet NecklaceSandalwood Bead Bracelet NecklaceOriginally, sandalwood is yellow brown or dark brown. After a long period, the color of your Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Necklace will get darker because the beads are attached to grease secreted from your arm. At the same time it will look more shiny. When you are wearing a Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Necklace, remember not to make it scratched. Using walnut oil to clean it makes a contribution to keeping its light.

wooden beads braceletSandalwood Bead Bracelet Necklace

Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Necklacewooden beads bracelet

The best producing unit of sandalwood is India. The old sandalwood there is acclaimed best-quality, followed by Indonesia’s East. In the international supermarket, some people use other woods similar to sandalwoods to pretend to be real ones, aiming to earn exorbitant profits. So you must be careful when choosing a Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Necklace.


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