The Factors to Consider When Choosing and Wearing a Knuckle Ring

Knuckle rings are sometimes referred to as tea rings. They are mostly different from standard rings because unlike wearing these lings low on the fingers they are worn above the fingers on the middle joint. They are worn mostly to complement and enhance style. They create attention to one’s style of manicure and gives that sense of class. These type of rings are sometimes the best extra accessory one may need to bring out that extra touch.

knuckle rings

There are different ways in which one can wear the knuckle rings in style. That includes:

  1. Wear rings of similar colour. Before wearing the knuckle rings choose the colour and the type of metal they are made of. The colour in one hand should be the same, which helps in keeping visual match and not clashing.

knuckle rings

  1. Do combine different textures. By using different textures brings out the creativeness in one’s style of dressing. Mixing the rings with those that have gemstones improves the look of a combination. It can be combined with rings of different materials such as leather, chain, beads, jewels and solid metal. They can be of different forms too.

knuckle rings

  1. Knuckle rings on one finger. It is the simplest way to wear the knuckle rings. That’s by keeping the rings to one finger for every head. That can be done the index finger, middle finger or even on the ring finger.

knuckle rings

  1. The triangle format of wearing knuckle rings. By wearing the rings on the middle, index and ring fingers will give you the triangular configuration. One can use one ring on the middle finger and two or even three rings on the other fingers.

knuckle rings

  1. Stacking the knuckle rings.  It is done by stacking multiple rings on the same finger. One can choose to use different colours this can create a unique style.

knuckle rings

The knuckle ring has become most admirable among women since the incorporation of gems on the rings. The rings are mainly used to complement the ones’ dressing style. It’s essential for one to choose carefully the colour, design, and metal used to avoid crushing the knuckle rings with dressing style used. One should consider the following:

knuckle rings

1.The ring size. For better fitting, the knuckle ring should be the same size as the traditional ring size for those who have one, if not it’s best to measure before buying or ordering them online. Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the finger and then use the ring sizing chart to compare. It will guarantee a fitting and more comfortable ring. Don’t force the ring into the finger.

2.Consider your budget. Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on the rings and how important the ring is to you. For the knuckle rings are for enhancement not a replacement of your jewellery.

3.Consider your style first. The ring should enhance your dressing style. The colour should be the factor to consider.


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