A Lesson in High-Key Styling to Make Your Party Pieces Work in Daily Time

So far as that is concerned, the most game-changing decisions you’re likely to make in your wardrobe will boil down to shopping just the right shoes, bag, belt or the jewelry. However, you do have to take into account that there are dynamics of dressing when you’re a woman in any occasions, for this reason, you have to buy different style of clothing, gorgeous cheap jewelry. I think it is a little waste of money if you buy the party dressing and only wear during the party! Scroll down to learn some ways to turn your party pieces into the day wearing.

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You can take the look of Du Juan for reference; match the embellished blouse with the basic items including the denim skirt and a leather biker. As you see all of those fashion items combine together to shine enough so that you don’t have to add more jewelry, but if you like you could put on the Vintage Flowers Finger Ring which is also the little sparkle on your appearance, as a saying goes, small change hue different.

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Then the statement necklace that you are preparing for the night party and it is the classical collocation to pair it with the black wear and appear in the party. However, it does work when punctuated with the white shirt and tone down the night-time appropriate necklace.

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