Let Catwalks Tell You the Jewelry Trend of 2015

Can be applied to daily jewelry, it must be provided with more pleasure except from value. There is no doubt that such kind of wholesale fashion jewelry is one of decorative wearings for people, it also satisfies people’s fashionable pursuit. In many 2015 catwalks, although the jewelry models wore was different from the fine and gorgeous style, it was more trendy both from the creative design and materials. Now let catwalks tell us how the jewelry trend goes in 2015 spring and summer.

wholesale fashion jewelrywholesale fashion jewelry1.Wearing asymmetric earrings, the baroque style earrings or one U shape ear cuff.
2.Wearing several joint rings.
3.Wearing exaggerated pendant or the breastpiece necklace.
4.Wearing geometric wide bracelet.
5.Wearing wooden jewelry.

U Shape Ear Cuff U Shape Ear Cuff U Shape Ear Cuff U Shape Ear Cuff U Shape Ear Cuff U Shape Ear Cuff

Well, are you feeling heartbeat about the above jewelry trends? They are all chicest styles we always saw in 2015 catwalks. So, just try them and keep pace with the trend.

wholesale fashion jewelrywholesale fashion jewelry


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