Make Cheap, Safety and Colorful Bracelets for Your Kid

Silicone Rubber Charms

Have you ever tried to make some fashion craft by yourself? Do you think wearing fashion jewelry which is made by yourself is meaningful and special? I really think your lovely kid will enjoy the unique bracelet made by his/her parents. They might proud of you for making the jewelry for them. In the meanwhile, you can cultivate feeling and share the moment which belong to you and your kid together. Believe it or not, every time when your kid wearing your bracelet, they will be proud of her omnipotent parents as well as speak highly of the bracelet by her friends.

fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry

Now let’s learn to make a toothbrush bracelet first, is it a fantastic one? Don’t be surprised; you haven’t heard by mistake, actually you can own a bracelet making by the toothbrush! It is a wise option to change your toothbrush, as you have to change your toothbrush each three months. Use your round tip pilers to pluck the bristles of the toothbrush out while you boil water in a large pot, put a lid on top as well. Drop your toothbrush inside the pot as soon as the water is boiling and then leave it in to soften for at least 5 min, but no more than 10 min.  fashion jewelry

fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry

Next step, you should take the toothbrush out by using tons and place them on a towel. Pay more attention so that you won’t hurt yourself by the hot toothbrush. Wrap the toothbrush in the towel and bend to two ends together firmly. Put your toothbrush back into the hot water for another min, if you can’t bend your toothbrush easily. The toothbrush will still be soft after it is bent, then dip the bent toothbrush in a bowel of cold water and let the plastic be hard again. You can set in the bracelet shape, and you can also some other accessories into the bracelet so as to make it more beautiful if you like.

fashion jewelryfashion jewelry

Another special bracelets you can made for your kid: purchase some Silicone Rubber Charms, there are many different patterns, you choose them according to your kid’s favourite animals. Then prepare a bracelet band, or it it good option to buy some rubber band and rubber bracelet making kit to make the colorful band and then put the Silicone Rubber Charms onto the bracelet band. A beautiful bracelet occur, with this hand making bracelet you don’t worry about the jewelry will hurt your kid by accident any more, because the silicone rubber charms are not hard enough to hurt. You can also make this special bracelet with your kid.

Silicone Rubber CharmsSilicone Rubber CharmsSilicone Rubber Charms


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