How to Make Your Face & Neck Appear Thinner

Statement Necklaces

None of women are reluctant to appear with round and wide face or neck, whereas not every woman is so lucky to born with thin face and neck, even though they are longing to have. Maybe some of them will feel self-conscious or unattractive because of the round and wide face. I do believe that they will be happy of this article, as some tips will be applied to help you thinner your face and neck. Believe it or not, the makeup, clothes, and jewelry especially the statement necklaces as well hairstyle are all used to distract attention from the wide face which is the best way to create thinner appearance.

Statement NecklacesStatement NecklacesStatement Necklaces

Cut your hair until it falls one inch above the shoulder so that you will find you appear with a long neck soon. A long bob or long layered cut works best. In additional, choose to wear the V-neck clothes, that are seen as the great way to make your neck longer and thinner. Never wear the short necklace if you are unwilling to create an even short neck, as they will cut off the neck. Instead, you should put on the Tassel Long Sweater Chain.

Statement NecklacesStatement NecklacesTassel Long Sweater Chain Tassel Long Sweater Chain

A light foundation on the middle of your neck and a darker shade on the sides are necessary so that it will make the neck appear longer. If you want to make your double chin appear smaller, why not try adding a cool contour power from behind your ears to under your chin. Just do it and you will be amazed. Don’t forget to blend the rest of your makeup so as to make the look natural.

Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces


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