How to Make Fashion Jewelry Not Discolor

Several months ago, my sister had been married, and I was a bridesmaid for my dear sister. After the wedding, there are bridesmaid jewelry sets that I don’t know how to deal with. I believe that a lot of people unknown how to do like me. Here are some tips for it which my friend told me.

bridesmaid jewelry setsbridesmaid jewelry sets

1. Avoid wearing your fashion jewelry in the water. Remove your fashion jewelry before bathing as well as swimming, washing dishes. Some people may maintain that it doesn’t matter to wear crystal drop earrings or other earrings to the bathroom. However, though you won’t make your earring wet when having shower, your earrings may be damaged by the vapor around the bathroom and the heat.

bridesmaid jewelry sets

2. Every lady will apply some moisture to their body, face, hand in the cold winter in order to prevent the skin from frostbiting. Pleased keep mind that do not expose your fashion jewelry to oils, creams. Avoid applying such products on your body where you will be wearing fashion jewelry, or only when them absorb absolutely into your skin, can you putting on the fashion jewelry.

bridesmaid jewelry sets

bridesmaid jewelry setsbridesmaid jewelry setsbridesmaid jewelry sets

3. Keep fashion jewelry wrapped or covered when you are not wearing it so as to prevent them from exposing to the dust and air.


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