How to Market Handmade Jewelry to Stores

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Jewelry selling business is getting more and more popular at present and selling handmade cheap fashion jewelry is a good choice to get profit. It is a great way to start jewelry business by selling your jewelry to stores. It is a wise way to extend your business relationship and broadcast your brand awareness. Ask yourself: are you ready to start a business, do you have metal preparation that you are likely to make cold calls and you have to face the reject by yourself. In order to market your jewelry successfully you should build up business and professional social skills gradually.

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You must clearly the way you want to sell your jewelry in your mind. For example you are willing to sell as consignment or let the store receive a percentage of sales and what else, sell your jewelry to the sore in bulk for all one price. Try to type out your business letterhead and add to your business card. But you must make it easy to understand and look professional. At last, don’t forget to ask you friends for reference.

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You’d better visit a store where you’d like to sell your jewelry and ask to speak with the manager and try to talk about your jewelry. Have a few sample pieces, such as handmade bridal jewelry sets as well as your business card left is wise.
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