How to Match Accessories

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You may think it is difficult to make sure which accessories match your outfit all the time. Particularly when you have accessories in many different colors or things that is bright or multicolored. Only if you know how the colors in the color wheel offset and complement each other, can you figure which dress go with those different kinds of cheap fashion jewelry. This way will make your accessories stick out and make a statement with your outfit.

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1. Pick out pieces of clothing in solid colors that match. For instance, wear a pair of dark blue trousers with a green shirt. It is a good idea to use neutral colors as a “background” for your accessories.

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2. You can really wear any color of accessories, if you put on a neutral outfit. Neutrals match with any other colors. You can choose a white go with gray outfit with an imposing hot pink scarf or multicolored cheap statement necklace.

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3. Before purchasing the jewelry, you should consider whether the color is complementary to the colors of your outfit. As for blue and green, it seems perfect with red and orange earrings. However, many people unknown what’s the complementary colors. The colors opposite to each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. What’s more, the complementary colors can make each other stand out.


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