How to Match the Necklaces with Different Collars

Come hurry and try those special functions, put a piece of necklace outside the collar of your dark and boring sweater, or while there is not enough time for you to dress up that day, why not come with an appropriate necklace and guess what will happen? That’s for sure, necklaces are one of the hardest jewelry on matching, but once you have made it on the right way, you could easily stand out. Learn some tricks of collocations seem necessary!

Gold Statement Necklace Gold Statement Necklace

Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace Gold Statement Necklace Gold Statement Necklace

When you are planning to go with the turtleneck clothes, it is the best time for you to show off your long necklaces such as Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace on wardrobe, because the background of the necklace is the cloth, so the most outstanding necklace should be the one with the contrary color of the cloth, make full use of the fabric so as accent the beautiful effect of the necklace. For example, the bling jewelry could achieve different effect with dark outfit; it will be great to pair the necklaces in bright colors with the black clothes while the combination between the white cloth and dark necklace will make the necklace as the main point!

Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace

It must be said that the round collar clothes are the most common style for us, no matter it is the cotton T-shirt or silk clothes, all of them are blended into the lazy designs. The round collar including the small round neck and the small one, as for the small round collar is beautifully with the short necklace like Gold Statement Necklace. Be warned, the too tight collar is easy to give the impression of shrink in visual, therefore, you should select the necklace with the blow up effect on both colors and styles or go with the necklaces that with the same color as the cloth but give a sense of space to your face. Because of the short length of the necklace, there is no heavy sense when wearing it which is suitable for the petite girls to accent lovely temperament.

Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace Tassel Multilayer Sweater Necklace


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