Multilayers Jewelry in Instagram

“The jewelry is too expensive to buy for us”, “would rather to choose the beautiful shoes and handbag than unimpressive jewelry”, “it is easy to be tired of wearing jewelry”, do you have the same feeling like the above? If yes, why not see those social icons in Instagram show their jewelry collocation, only three or four jewelry can achieve surprise effect.

 Sequin Crystal Necklace

The exquisite gold metal jewelry is the key point on their collocations, the delicate necklaces which have different length could wear on three layers, and the little open collar should be the best stage of them! You have better choose the three necklaces in different styles. If you find it hard to choose the right combination, you could buy the layering jewelry like Sequin Crystal Necklace instead.

 Sequin Crystal Necklace  Sequin Crystal Necklace Sequin Crystal Necklace

The joint finger rings has been heated in fashion world, various kinds of molding ring go together to appeal attention. Do remember wear irregular for both hands, or put on only one hand with Leaves Knuckle Rings!

Leaves Knuckle Rings Leaves Knuckle Rings Leaves Knuckle Rings Leaves Knuckle Rings Leaves Knuckle Rings

A set of jewelry is able to accent your attitude on wearing jewelry, from the necklace, bracelet to the ring, all of them are choosing the same style, and it should be amazing!

Leaves Knuckle Rings
In addition, the delicate chain necklace wearing solely which will show the different style of wearing layers and give a sensation of delicate.


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