Must-Have Jewelry for a Trip to the Beach

Summer has started and you are in your room browsing through Instagram and some magazines when you notice a perfectly polished beach scenery with a sophisticated-looking young woman posing naturally with the sea behind her. Her hair seemingly waves with the wind and the smile and her gaze, coupled with something subtle that makes her look so refined and delicate, but it is not the photoshop. What’s the difference between your ordinary image in a bikini as opposed to her elegant beach look? The nuance that often adds glimmer to a woman’s appearance is jewelry. Yeuyin jewelry is a must have when you make a trip to the beach.

yueyin jewelry

One piece of refined beach jewelry is the Yeuyin Silver Dragonfly Ankle Bracelet. This trendy Yueyin jewelry is very affordable, costing just $14.60. It is simple and consists of a copper 20+10cm chain that weighs just approximately 5g. The dragon piece is about 2.4cm by 2.3cm. Though it might seem like such a small piece, it certainly enhances the look with an elegant touch.

yueyin jewelry

Another must-have jewelry to accessorize on a trip to the beach is the 9 Piece Statement Helm Leaf Knuckle Ring Set. This knuckle ring set is available in colors of silver and green with the main colors being silver and gold. These beautiful rings come in various sizes ranging from a 3 to a size 7.2 and consist of acrylic, rhinestone, and zinc alloy material. These rings look super fashionable when placed on the middle three fingers with three on each. If it is something you aren’t used to, it might seem like too much jewelry, but if you see the images of these, you will be sure to change your mind. Their design fits the occasion and the weight of all 9 pieces total just about 15.1g. It is also super affordable, costing only $7.17.yueyin jewelry

Lastly, a cool piece of jewelry is the Bohemian Earrings Gold Plated Rhombus Ball Ear Drop. Only at $18.90, you may purchase these blue 3.4g earrings. The materials they consist of include a gold covering, glass bead, copper, and yarn and the dimensions of each piece is 60mm by 20mm. These luxurious earrings make the perfect jewelry to the beach. However, these come only in the blue color, so if they don’t match your beach swimwear, there are plenty of other Yeuyin earrings to choose from.

yueyin jewelry

These are just some of the best examples of Yeuyin brand jewelry. However, to really see what suits you best, it is best to go to their store to see what catches your eye. Their affordable prices certainly make their jewelry a must have when you accessorize for a beach trip!



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