My DIY Time Again: Polymer Clay Bead Necklace

If you keep following with the blog, you will find that I am fond of doing DIY in my spare time. At the same, I enjoy sharing my handmade jewelry process and showing my DIY jewelry tools with all of you here. Well, today is my DIY time again: polymer clay bead necklace.

DIY jewelry DIY jewelry DIY jewelry

Don’t be doubt, it is a super fun and easy way to pursue this DIY project. First, the materials I need is more simple than you imagine. There are three things for me to prepare which includes different colors polymer clay I want, waxed cotton cords and toothpick. Second, the process is not so complicated for me to learn. Since there is no hole in each bead, it is necessary for me to poke them with the help of toothpick. Don’t be afraid, the polymer clay bead is very soft, so that I don’t need to pay much effort to the poking time.

Waxed Cotton CordsWaxed Cotton CordsWaxed Cotton CordsWaxed Cotton CordsDIY jewelryWaxed Cotton Cords

After finishing the about steps, I just start to use waxed cotton cords to string the beads I have poked. In this time, I can create any style I like, for example, I either choose to place all the beads on a row or make a bunch of them. I even string different sizes and colors’ beads together, so as to make the necklace look more unique and fascinating. In a word, the style is totally up to me.

DIY jewelryDIY jewelryDIY jewelryDIY jewelry


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