My Favorite Style of Jewelry in Autumn

It’s time to update your jewelry box! As the autumn is on the way to get close to our world and the summer is ready to leave now. The autumn is different from the summer totally no matter the weather or the people’s dressing. As the dressing is totally different, we should change the wearing style of the fashion jewelry. It does not mean that you should throw all the jewelry that you bought in spring. As far as I am concerned, all the fashion jewelry can be put on in autumn if you are good at making them match with the dressing style perfectly. On the other hand, I think there must be some special jewelry that you love very much and you will wear them for many times. I just want to say that there is no exception for me as I love the necklace most.

women with simple jewelry women with simple jewelry

With regard to the jewelry, I will pick up them to wear according to the season and what I wear. In summer, I just wear a tee and a short pant or skirt, which is too monotonous for me to become eye-catching in the crowd. In this moment, I always choose some complicated necklace and other jewelry to add the colors and appeal to my appearance. But in autumn, I will wear more clothes than in summer. I think it is useless and stranger to wear such complicated jewelry, so I will pick up the jewelry with the simple style,especially the necklace.

women with jewelrywomen with simple jewelry women with simple jewelry

Nowadays, the favorite necklace of mine is the gold multilayer chain necklace. As we all known, the most popular color is the gold at present. And the multilayer style is one of the hottest elements in the fashion circle. With this necklace, you never be out of fashion. Here I just show a picture of it to you guys, you can contact me to know more details about it.

Gold Multilayer Chain Necklacewomen with simple jewelry women with simple jewelry



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