Which Necklace Works Well with Your Face Shape

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Different people have different personality, various body shapes, different face shapes as well. You should always remind yourself of the rules of jewelry. Even though you can appeal more confidently and beautiful in the crowds with the accessories, you can also being laughed at your strange look due to the wrong accessories. Every coin has two sides. However, there is no doubt that fashion jewelry always add stylish to the outfit. Choosing the most flattering jewelry for the shape of your face is just as important as selecting clothing to suit your body shape.


fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry

There are many different face shapes: oval faces, pear shaped faces, heart shaped faces, heart shape faces, square shaped faces and round shaped faces.

Women with an oval shaped face can usually wear all types of earrings and necklaces, because people with this face shape is easy to pair with a majority of lengths, shapes and sizes of jewelry.
fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry

fashion jewelry

Pear or triangular shaped faces are usually looks great with long necklaces, but remember never add pendants and mixing a variety of chains and necklace lengths. The extra adornments will be able to help bring more balance to a strong-jawed face. So do the earrings, a little extra length can also help elongate your face and create balances.

Heart shaped faces are the opposite pears; chocker or short length necklaces work best for this facial type, because they creates more bulk near the narrow area of a face enhancing its balance.

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fashion jewelryfashion jewelry

Angular cheeks and a strong jaw line and forehead are typical of square face shapes. Many of those shapes may pay more attention to fine which jewelry is suitable for your shape, but actually longer necklaces are usually a good choice and combine with small earrings look perfect for those with square shaped faces.

Round faces are rarely true circles, long cheap statement necklaces and earrings can be a good way to elongate the face into a more oval appearance.

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