New Arrivals of Eyecatching Earrings

It’s hot summer now. In order to deal with the annoying heat of summer, we are adding to the line of braids and bun to expose our sexy ears. However, to expose sexy ears how can we have no wonderful earrings to shine our ears? As for me, it is not allowed. To keep ourselves in the best condition is the thing we should do as a beautiful woman or girl. So today, I want to introduce wonderful new arrivals of earrings to you.

1. Punk Skull Crown Ear Stud Exquisite Zinc Alloy Rhienstone Earrings for Women

I love this skull stu earrings very much. Skull design makes me cool while the rhinestone decoration shine my ears when I make a bun. Cool but not rude and shiny style refreshes my look. 

Check here: skull crown earrings

skull crown earrings

  1. Trendy Crystal Blue Ball Crown Ear Stud Exquisite Best Gift Earrings Jewelry for Women

Blue is the color of mystery. In this pair of earrings, blue ball  behind your ears makes you look mysterious and lovely when you are braiding, the blue rhinestone embellishment on the crown glisters on your ears, which steals the limelight easily.

Check here: crown stud earrings

crown stud earrings3. Trendy Square Cross Zircon Earrings For Women

Blink zircon caged in the square still glisters like the stars on the sky, which is the first feeling when I saw this earrings. It is shiny but not too much so it is very suitable for elegant wearing especially when you make a bun or a romantic plaits.

Check here: square cross earrings

Square Cross Earrings


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