New fashion Earrings Trend in Winter & Autumn: Show Your Weird Style

chandelier earrings

Many a time, fashion is not to styles but more about the way you are wearing. In the fashion accessories in 2014, those design jewelry which combine many elements and bold earrings, pounding at our eyeball. As a result, you don’t have to wear both sides’ earrings, show special appearance by just adding one side chandelier earrings during these seasons.

chandelier earringschandelier earrings chandelier earrings chandelier earrings chandelier earringschandelier earrings

From the moment we do not know what the wear clothes in the special way become prevailing in the fashion world. The very outline coat or overcoat no longer wearing in regular way, instead, drape in the coat can show well your fashion. It is obvious that fasten all your buttons of the shirts seem the way wearing shirts in 80s and fasten only the upper several is the fashion wearing for nowadays. Even though the earrings could not be let out by the designers, will you say that wearing a pair of earrings in low-key is a good idea? The metal, purl, glaring jewelry is gorgeous and watchful. During these seasons you don’t have to wear a pair of earrings, wear the only ear can show unique beautiful on the contrary.

chandelier earrings chandelier earrings chandelier earrings chandelier earringschandelier earrings

The fashion designer Phoebe Philo has ever said that as for a woman, we are busy in work and has no enough time to take over whether the colors of the clothes match well and the buttons are in order or not. There is also no enough time for us to make a fuss, groomed accessories which look a little weak. So in the Celine Winter & Autumn fashion show in 2014, what we can watch in the stage is that all the models wearing bold earring just one side on the ear which can also show the power of the fashion. These styles of earrings combine the elements of purl, diamond as well as metal, all of those elements shining brightly near your neck, how magnificent and display it is! The irregularly shapes of ear cuff earrings have been a heated earrings in the fashion world, more and more stars choose one side ear cuff to show unique fashion appearance.

chandelier earrings chandelier earrings chandelier earrings chandelier earrings


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