Original Ways of Exchanging Wedding Rings

At large, most of people have only one wedding with his or her lover in the world, so by all means; the wedding should be unforgettable and meaningful! The wedding rings attribute to the most important cheap wedding jewelry for the ceremony. And it is known as the fingertip commitment for the new couple. As the various kinds of weddings show, the new couples become care more about the creative and new conception of the wedding. Here we will talk about the creative link of exchanging the wedding rings.

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Most of new couples will choose the rings with simple style and special show love signs just like heart couple rings! So if you are planning to hold the wedding in the grass or garden in the cottage, the lovely petite flower girls wear colorful garland and with the ring pillow on hands stumbled awkwardly to the new couples which is holy and romance.

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A little boy in Cupid dress up use the love bow and arrow shoot up the love arrow, the ring drop from the skies or ask the little flower girl to hold the butterfly to the new couples like the fairy tale.

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You can also use the whirlybird as the prop, carrying the rings through the whole wedding banquet until stop in front of the new couple. This new way must make the guests find everything fresh and new. But it is hard to operate the whirlybird, what you need is to find a person who could control it accurately.

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Put the ring into the ice engraving and let the new couples scrap the ice together to get the ring.


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