Pearl Jewelry Collocation Secret of Diana: Pearls Never Fading Jewelry Gratify Your Beauty

Diana has ever said that if a woman only can has a gem in her life then it must be the pearls. Such a princess used a natural beauty and simple to embellish her life and fashion, although there are silver and gold here and there in the court Europe and in the prevailing of luxury age, the princess only love pearls so much, no matter the pearl bridal jewelry sets or others. How can she be a classical? Now let’s see the secret collocation of Diana.

pearl drop earrings
This charming “pearl drop” royal crown, the most attractive point is definitely the two lines of pearls drops.  However Diana is particular about the accessories, just a masterpiece royal crown is not enough, something with the same shape and size drop earrings are needed. Only those two combine together, could the perfect appearance occur.
pearl drop earrings

This type of necklace of Diana is consisted of two pearls which are in the same size, match with round pearl earring as well, superadded a purple full dress, give off the exquisite and enchanting.

pearl drop earrings

This pearl necklace with three layers is her 18 years old birthday gift. In Italy 1984, the three layers necklace came to the stage again, Diana worn Catherine Walker full dress, Frederick Fox hat, the same style of the tie, stripe, pearl necklace which show carefully to the detail.

pearl drop earrings pearl drop earrings

The big pearl drop earrings are suitable for the plain white full dress without collar. It can be seen that she had put much attention to her whole look.

pearl drop earringspearl drop earrings


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