Perfect Jewelry Collocation of Princess Kate Middleton

The 22th June, it is the common day but as for England, it is a big day, the princess Kate Middleton gave birth in a baby boy who will be the third heir of the England Royal in London. At the ordinary times, the princess Kate has been popular with the fashion icon; she is not only paying special attention on the outfit but also her fashion jewelry appearance. As for the female members of the royal family, jewelry and watches are seen as just the accessories but also the symbol of identity and taste. The graceful princess with the noble as the criteria of choosing jewelry, come on and see!

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Every time when the topic “jewelry and the royal” hold, it may reminds of the sapphire engagement ring of Princess Kate, right? In reality, it was created by the Garrard which is the most favorite jewelry of the Diana. If you like you can choose Rose Opal Finger Ring which is vintage style rings.

fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry

In the year when Princess Diana wearing them, they still stubs but now the owner Princess Kate has changed them into drop earrings which are built with ten diamonds and a sapphire each and it is matching well with the color of the engagement.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry

During the big day when Kate got married, the Ritani platinum pear shape drop earrings she worn are sent by her parents as her wedding gift. This pair of earrings is well-made, with special shapes which are from the Robinson Pelham. There is a single diamond in the middle of the drop shape earrings.

Kate is usually wearing this bracelet which is the combination colors of gold and silver, though it is not so expensive, it was her stepmother who sent her. One side of the pendant was engraved with letter “C”.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelryfashion jewelry

Here is Kate wearing the tassels diamond necklace and the same series bracelet and match with the Alexander McQueen black dress. Those sets of jewelry are sent by her best friend in the wedding.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry


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