Perfect Necklace Lengths Show Women’s Grace and Nobility

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Have you ever noticed that there is a certain necklace which you put on and they hang a length that is flattering while others seem to hang unfit lengths? Necklaces for women are indispensable jewelry that can enhance women’s elegant. However, only when the necklaces in the proper lengths can you get a fascinating look. There was a time when you put on your endearing necklace and find it doesn’t work as well as you thought, but you unknown the certain reason and just know thy didn’t look right. Here you will find why a certain necklace work and others don’t.

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Everyone has two balance points when wearing the necklaces. The key is using the balance points to find your most flattering necklace lengths. First you need to find out the visual length of your face. And your face length will be shorter than the actual one, if you have hangs. Some people may worried about how to know the length if they have soft bangs, just find your length at about the middle of your bangs or the bangs’ lightest. Measure this visual length with your hands.
necklaces for women
And then take the visual length measurement of your face and mirror tat length from your chin to your chest. And you can find the first balance point and the necklace will look best in one of the two points.

necklaces for womennecklaces for womennecklaces for women

You can find your second balance point by finding the widest point of your face. No matter where the widest point on your face is, just draw an imaginary horizontal line across your face where it is the widest on you. Then measure your widest point to the bottom of the jaw to get the second balance point. Take the measurement and mirror the length from your jaw to your chest and you will find this second necklace balance point fall somewhere around your clavicle. If you have a gold statement necklace you love but you find it is too short for your balance point, don’t worried, find another extender to add some length. On the contrary, if a necklace is too long, shorter it.

necklaces for women


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