Pick up the Right Jewelry to Participate in Your Friend’s Wedding


As time goes by, we grow from a child to an adult without any doubt. And the thoughts of us are becoming more and more mature by experiencing more and more events. One day, we all get married with other people. Maybe you will be upset and confused about that you have to leave your parents and the family you live all the time, or maybe you will be happy that you finally find the another one to stand by you at the rest life and you’ll have your own whole family. Recently, my one close friend ask me to be the bridesmaid at her wedding. I am so happy that she are ready to get married. However, I have no idea what kind of jewelry and shoes should I wear that not only can make me look beautiful but also will not steal the bride’s thunder.

bridesmaids with bride

bridesmaids with bride

bridesmaids with bride

With regard to this problem, I have asked many friends regardless of their experience for help. Most of them think that I should put on some simple jewelry to embellish as being a bridesmaid, I should not disgrace them. But the most important thing is that I should pay attention to beautify in moderation. One of them recommend the crystal water drop necklace to me to wearing at the wedding. It is made of alloy, crystal and rhinestone so it is easy for all people to handle. For its colors, you can choose both colors of the pendant and the chain. There are five colors for pendant while there are only two colors for the chain. In order to match with my own bracelet, I love the blue one. bridesmaids

bridesmaids with bride

The crystal heart bracelet is made of the same materials like the necklace, which perfectly match with each other. On the other hand, they also are in the same color. In my opinion, the simple jewelry set is perfectly suitable for all the women who are going to participate in your friend’s wedding. Hoping you guys also like them and have a good day! bridesmaids bridesmaids with bride



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