Piercing Constellation: Fashion Earring Trend from Instagram in 2016

Probably it’s not the first time that you hear about piercing constellation, which has been really trendy recently. They are the fantastic accessory for the ear and we have seen very often, especially in Instagram. And I suppose this would be quite a big fashion trend in 2016.


For several seasons, we have seen that the minimalist style is trendy not only in jewelry but also in home decoration. “Less is more” has been a fashion guideline in styling with rings, pendants, bracelets and earring studs.


However, here comes the new trend. The most basic geometric shapes fill our jewelry: stars, triangles, hearts, circles or round are the most requested. Decorate our ears with small earrings or rhinestone dangle earrings in the form of a constellation of stars. This is what we have recently seen, and it’s a crazy rage in social networks. The combination possibilities could be various with earrings in the shapes of triangles, stars, ring, or other bright objects.


The piercing to make constellation ear trend would be much more complicated. But everything would be worthy, since it’s really attention-grabbing and amazing. There are people who are pierced ears without being aware that they can create harmful effects on health. However, when the piercing is done in the appropriate acupuncture points, we can even get benefits with it. This is because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the human body as a network of channels called meridians and within which circulates the vital energy called Qi. On these meridians there are energy points that if we manipulate with acupuncture allow obtain many health benefits.


For example, the most harmful are piercing the eyebrow, mouth, tongue and other parts of the body and face. However, the health benefits are located on the ears and nose. In fact there is a therapy called acupressure, which gets very beneficial effects by pressing different points of the ears.


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