Planning an Inexpensive Wedding



wedding jewelry setsEven though holding a wedding cost so much money and energy, you can never miss the wedding of yourself; it is a big day only for you and the one who will accompany with you the rest of your life. The truth is you can both holding an amazing wedding and save money. Planning your wedding as the following tips and you will find that planning a wedding is one of the most fun and rewarding things you’ve done and you won’t spend as much as any random couple.

wedding jewelry setswedding jewelry setswedding jewelry setswedding jewelry setswedding jewelry sets

You can design and make the invitation with the joint effort with your new husband. Don’t be afraid of that you have no idea and couldn’t do it, just believe you can do it well with the help of your husband then you can do it. You can save some serious money by doing this. If you have a strong practical ability, passionate as well as creative to make unique wedding jewelry sets, then you can really make your jewelry sets by yourself, it is meaningful to make jewelry which show forever love with your husband and you can also save a lot of money.

wedding jewelry sets

You can ask your gusts to bring a dish instead of gifts. It can be sure that everyone will enjoy a potluck style buffet filled with food. It is a wise option which can not only help you cut the cost of dishes but also you have no need to worry about how many dishes you should apply and which kinds of dished the guests will like. In another word, you can save more time.

wedding jewelry setswedding jewelry setswedding jewelry setswedding jewelry setswedding jewelry sets

I can’t imagine that how much for people spend on the flower arrangement. It’s really a big spend though the flowers are beautiful and they can create a romantic atmosphere, they are known as the indispensable things in the wedding. But you not only save a small fortune but also with all kinds of flowers around you – get married in a garden. Make sure the garden will be in bloom for your wedding date and cross flower arrangements off your list. And you can also bring Kraft Paper Card to decorate your garden; this is a good idea to make a colorful wedding which is suitable to the colorful flowers in the garden. Hanging all the paper with different colors in the sash and you can announce that every guest can write down the greetings on the colorful paper. If you have such a friend who is good at making wedding cake, ask him to make a beautiful cake for your wedding day.

Kraft Paper Card Kraft Paper Card


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