Play around the Mature Elegant like Julianne Moore

Be nominated Oscar four times, won the Golden Ball, Cannes Film Festival, Emmy before, Julianne Moore finally becomes an Oscar-winning film actress in 87th Oscar 2015, reputation comes naturally from real distinction and she is in favor with the general public! Asides from her excellent acting, the 53-year-old Julianne give people the impression of wise and elegant! In her year of fate, she appear still colored and dazzling, it is her deep mind and noble temperament that makes her full with charming! Appear again and again on the red carpet, she proves that there is independent of elegant and ages with her best condition.

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On another aspect, details show one’s attitude, as wearing women jewelry, her taste is out of the ordinary. Choosing the jewelry depends on the collocation of the outfit, eye-catching and believes that “less is more”! Therefore, she is outstanding with the fresh look in Oscar 2015. How could she play around with the fashion jewelry casually on the right way, especially the drop earrings which are seen as the indispensable jewelry for her, let’s sharing her perfect jewelry collocation now!

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