Put the Little feet on Your Ears

Among so many various jewelry, which kind of jewelry you would like to wear most? The answer of people are vary from person to person. So with regard to the jewelry you always wear, you should have your own style, instead of follow other people’s style. You have your own thought about the fashion dressing and wearing. In addition, the reason that they love the jewelry is different from each other.

various jewelry

various jewelry

For example, my younger sister love the bracelet and most of her jewelry are the bracelets. There are a variety of the bracelet, so she wear the different bracelet every day during a week. I asked her why she love the bracelet so much, and then she said the bracelet can divert their attention from her fat stomach, which make her seem to be thinner than the reality.For my part, I love the ear cuff jewelry most. In order to be convenient for my daily life, I love to put my hair behind one side of the ear. Due to this habit, my one side ear will come into people’s view and I think the shape of it is not pretty enough to being showed off. So I always wear the ear cuff to stole the thunder and let people pay no attention to my ears.

people with ear cuff jewelry people with ear cuff jewelry people with ear cuff jewelry

By the way, the little feet ear studs is the favorite ear cuff of mine. It is very small and simple for me to use as the simple style is my favorite style of everything. After seeing the pictures about it, do you fall in love with it? To be frank, if you wear this little ear cuff, you would be very cute and lovely. And it will add an attractive appeal to your appearance.

little feet ear studs little feet ear studs

little feet ear studs

little feet ear studs


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