Rings Become Animals to Accompany with Us

As far as I am concerned, the animals are the best friends for the human beings to live on this earth together. The temper of them are varying from animal to animal, so some of them are dangerous for us to raise as the pet or a friend. The most common animal pet is the dog or cat as they are very docile and get close to the human beings. If you love the animal very much, you must want to raise it and want it to accompany with you all the time.

cat dog raccoon

However, I do think that is impossible for everyone to achieve as there are some special occasions that the pet cannot get in and sometimes you have no time to take care of them. In order to relieve your feeling of missing, I think you should wear something about the animals. What is it? The most suitable thing is the fashion jewelry about the various animals. With the animal jewelry, you can relax yourself and make you more happier. On the other hand, it also can embellish your look and add an attractive appeal to you appearance.

crane rings Seagull rings

Today, I want to share the wonderful rings to you guys. These beautiful rings will drive your fingers wild! It is made by Bangkok artist“ m e r r y m e”. These enamel three-piece accessories can fit together to form an animal doing something cute, or can be worn separately. For example, if this set of rings are put on three fingers, it will seem to be a squirrel is pursuing the acorn. Is it very funny?

squirrel rings squirrel rings

And there are a lot of other amazing animal rings for you to appreciate and praise. Like the raccoon rings, you can put them on two fingers and the pattern of it just like there is a raccoon encircling your finger. What a cute scenery it is!

raccoon rings raccoon rings

What’s more, there still are other animal rings’ pictures are listed as the follow for you guys to look.

owl rings owl rings

deer rings

snow fox rings


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