Several Steps Help You DIY Vintage Noble Necklace and Brooch

It seems like fall always sneaks up on us fasting than we are expecting it, as we say goodbye to the summer and prepare for cooler temps, in the meanwhile of changing the outfit, it’s time for us to refresh our jewelry set as well. Have you ready to make some special vintage jewelry by yourself so as to accompany you during the cold winter? As we all known the vintage style seems will never fade.

DIY Vintage Crystal NecklaceDIY Time Gemstone Brooch
DIY Vintage Crystal Necklace

You should prepare the following materials:

DIY Vintage Crystal Necklace

Then following just several steps:

DIY Vintage Crystal Necklace

DIY Time Gemstone Brooch
Following the steps:

DIY Time Gemstone BroochDIY Time Gemstone Brooch

DIY Time Gemstone BroochDIY Time Gemstone Brooch



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