How to Share Your Rings in Instagram more Skillful

Have been proposed eventually! How could you bring this good new to your friends, family or bosom female friend? Phone them one by one or tell everyone? As it turns out, under the atmosphere of rapid growing internet age, share the good news in Instagram with just a swipe of your finger, everyone will know soon. But if you would like to show your wedding jewelry especially the wedding ring in internal culture, one of the great things you should take into consideration is the image of your ring. Slick through to see how to take the perfect ring photo!

wedding jewelrywedding jewelry wedding jewelry

1.Would like to show the best angle of your ring? You have better know well the angle of your ring’s cut noodles, as different style of diamond have their own special design, therefore, what you need to do is find several angles and find the best place which could show well the shine.

wedding jewelry

2.How could you let the dirty finger nails steal the scene of your ring? So before you taking the photo, polish your finger nails first, you could never ignore this details which is of significant! The white diamond or silver ring like Stainless steel ring match perfect with the red or pink nails which the colorful diamond goes well with the neutral nail. If your fingernails are short and irregular, why not try adding the fade nail?

wedding jewelry

3.Select the perfect background
Whatever you are fond of the fresh and new style and would like to find the autumn leaves, spring flowers as the background or art style which taken when page turning casually, find the proper place can be flawless in photo. More than that, you can choose the place under the exposure of the sun or light so as to reflect the sparkle.

wedding jewelry

4.Add sense of creative
Don’t just take your hand which seems without any originality, instead, make full use of the props such as coffee cup, kitty, goblet and so on.

wedding jewelry


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