Simple Reviews of Hexagonal Pendulum Gemstone Pendant

If you are fond of pendulum accessories, this article must will arouse your interest and attraction. Once the hexagonal pendulum gemstone pendant was pushed out the market, it has been popularly welcomed by many people including me. Yes, I am not a drag on this trendy, I have bought and wear it. Now, it is high time for me to do a personal review of it.

Hexagonal Pendulum Gemstone PendantHexagonal Pendulum Gemstone Pendant

To be honest, the main reason that I bought it at first is largely due to the low price. I never buy a jewelry under $1.5 before, so when I browsed it on the internet, I just held the attitude that tried it. Even if the pendant is bad, I won’t be regretful about buying it. However, when I received it, the good quality is really beyond my expectation. Yes, the pendulum is made from alloy and natural stone, which looks pretty beautiful and charming.

Hexagonal Pendulum Gemstone PendantHexagonal Pendulum Gemstone PendantHexagonal Pendulum Gemstone Pendant

Also, the color I chose is the same as the picture show. In any event, I couldn’t imagine that such cheap jewelry findings can offer so good quality and colors. When I wear it, it really improve my whole vintage charm as well as charming image.

jewelry findingsjewelry findingsjewelry findings

Here it is one shortcoming you should know, there isn’t the chain along with the pendant, so you need to make it become a necklace, bracelet or others jewelry by yourself with the help of string or chain. But it doesn’t affect me, and you? In a word, the hexagonal pendulum gemstone pendant is worth adding your shopping list.

jewelry findingsjewelry findingsjewelry findingsjewelry findings


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