Simple Ring Bracelets: New Minion of Celebrities

“Beautiful from head to toe” which is seen as the standard of beauty for stars as of old. Even the finger tips should be accessorized charming enough! But the single and common rings can no longer satisfy people, try new tricks are necessary. Let’s say goodbye to the tricks that only rely on the layer fashion jewelry to stand out on the crowd, instead, the ring bracelets show your unique good taste of fashion easily.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry fashion jewelryDouble Finger Rings

Naomi Campbell’s personal moldings are always domineering enough, the paillette and bead flowers off-the-shoulder gown whose design is active and shinning enough, especially when matching with the cross molding diamond ring bracelet, the sparkle diamond become the bright spot of the whole look and the dress shine with dazzling brilliance impress people.

fashion jewelry

Ana Golja is always full of young sun, braided design unique ring bracelet echoes of the bold earrings, her whole black look from the dress to the accessories show cool and active.
fashion jewelry

Wearing the J. Mende dress, the American sweetheart Anna Kendrick wowed the audience, gold diamond delicate ring bracelet match with the bracelet with the same material perfect the whole molding! The style is just as the one Double Finger Rings that I have bought from online shop.

fashion jewelryDouble Finger Rings

Jamie Chung chooses the deep V-neck lace gown strike a pose on the stage, at this time she spend more time on her hand, the designable snake shape diamond ring bracelet twine her hand to create the mysterious wild beauty, her sexy and romantic seems ready to come out at one’s call.

fashion jewelryDouble Finger Rings


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