Small Accessories to Enhance Your Temperament

Look back upon our share two days ago, the anklet jewelry and pendant necklace match perfectly with the summer wearing such as hot pants and miniskirt. This time, we are ready to share the more popular small jewelries which will enhance you temperament.

anklet jewelry necklace

Yesterday, my classmate of university asked me which season is my favorite and my reply was autumn, which reminds me the beautiful scenery that the leaves are falling down like many butterflies. To my surprise, I saw a pair of rhinestone butterfly chain earrings online by chance later. We all have a knowledge about how a caterpillar turn into a beautiful and free butterfly, but we can’t taste how difficult it is . In my traditional mind, the butterfly is meaning a wonderful different life. So I choose the butterfly earrings to share with you, hoping you guys have a different amazing life in the future.anklet jewelry

rhinestone butterfly chain earrings rhinestone butterfly chain earrings rhinestone butterfly chain earrings rhinestone butterfly chain earrings

On the other hand, I think majority of disease such as coughing, having a cold and having a fever occur in autumn due to its variable weather. In case of disease, I do recommend pearl finger ring which contributes to keeping our body healthy due to its rich functions to you. Most of people only know the pearl can beautify our skin and have no idea that it can relieve the symptom of coughing and make us calm down in a certain degree. And there is a romantic saying that pearl is the tear of mermaid, so it is known as “the tears of Venus”. I consider most of girls can’t push against the temptation of pearl for its alluring look and its romantic saying. But you don’t need to do so, the price of these small jewelry is cheap and you must be able to buy them.

pearl ring pearl ring  pearl ring pearl ring pearl ring


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