Smallest Smart Ring to Amaze You

The NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology, which enables two different devices to have so-called communication, and, in general, one of two devices is the smartphone. In view of that, this technology allows us to automate different kinds of task and transmit information within a short distance, which is about 4 cm. And this wireless technology is not so mature, but it has been applied in different aspects, and it does make our life more intelligent. You might be quite familiar with other smart devices, but here is the smallest smart device, Jakcom R3f NFC ring, you should take a look at.

Jakcom R3f NFC Ring

Jakcom R3f NFC Ring

I got caught at the first sight out of the modern exterior of this wearable device, which looks quite simple and fashionable. There are two kinds of color, black with silver edges and white with rose gold edges. I bet that the white one would be loved by most of the women, since rose gold has been quite trendy for styling with outfits. Compared with the white one, the black one seems to be well suited with men.

wearable device

Now let’s figure out how is the R3f NFC ring. First of all, I want to discuss about the material. The black one is basically made from amorphous titanium alloy, while the white one is made from precious 18K rose gold. The inside of the ring has volcanic magnet and FIR energy stone, which is able to do good to our healthy and improve our performance effectively.

wearable device

So, most of you is most interested in what this NFC ring could do in our daily life. With this NFC ring you could unlock your smartphone with a super simple gesture, like holding the smartphone in your palm. And you could automate different kinds of apps with this smart device. To my surprise, somehow, this amazing ring has made everything a lot of easier. And it’s waiting for you to discover different kinds of amazing functions with this amazing ring.



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