Snake cuff Earring: Key Point to Create Punk Style Look

Punk rock gave rise to a new alternative look since 1970. More and more young people are involved in the rock but fashionable punk style nowadays to show their unique personality. With so many creative and rock punk accessories and outfit, the choice to build the punk style look is endless. However, the jewelry which is seen as the basic and must have accessory for you especially the ear cuff if you would like to look rock and different.

ear cuff ear cuff

It is truth that there are many different shapes of ear cuff for you to choose in the jewelry stores. Here, let’s take the snake cuff earrings for example and let it plays around with the variety punk style outfit; I do believe that you will love it just like me!

snake cuff earrings ear cuff ear cuff ear cuff

Take a regular pair of skinny jeans, or the leather pants and slice some holes in them, if you would like to add some metal studs or chains, just do it, as the chains and stubs seem will go well with almost every fabric. On the other hand, attach the chains or stubs on your pants are also a wise idea. besides, cut some holes in the pants and pin the holes shut with several safety pins is the most common way that many people would like to have a try for the punk style. Another way, cut hole in a T-shirt that like it has been shredded by a monster. Pair the outfit that you have DIY with the pants and don’t forget the snake cuff earrings, heavy black boots you will look perfectly punk!

ear cuff ear cuff ear cuff


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