Break Out of the Status Quo with a Steampunk Pocket Watch

Have you ever wondered what that tiny pocket on top of the main front pockets on your jeans is for? Well, hold your horses as we get into the world of steampunk-era and how to incorporate the style into your everyday outfit. Originating from the Victorian era, the steampunk movement is a popular fashion trend that involves incorporating gears, gadgets and unique accessories that represent the steam era into your fashion.

The steampunk pocket watch is one of the best and simplest elements from the Victorian era that speaks not only of class but an acquired sense of style. The pocket watch was a very crucial part of the railroad guards in the 19th century that Levi Strauss incorporated a tiny pocket into his jeans solely for putting the pocket watch. Today, steampunk pocket watches are a lot more show than their traditional counterparts, and they are also made for both men and women who have embraced the steampunk style.

steampunk pocket watch

The Best-looking Steampunk Pocket Watch

  1. UMBRELLALABORATORY Steampunk pocket watch necklace pendant locket

A great gift for anyone including yourself is this cute pocket watch that also doubles up as a necklace. Apart from being practical, it also has an elegantly designed case and comes with a chain and leather cord for the necklace. The whimsical jewelry is mechanical, and you have to wind it every day which makes it even more amazing. The most fascinating thing about it, however, is that you can see and hear the mechanisms turning.

steampunk pocket watch

  1. DAFFRUN Antique Steampunk Hollow Mechanical Pendant Pocket Watch

Exquisite is an understatement when it comes to this DEFFRUN Antique Mechanical Pendant Pocket Watch. It has a unique gun color and a skeleton back case, not to mention the hollow cover that allows you to see the mechanics move without opening the case. You can hang this pocket watch on your neck thanks to the 37cm chain,  or you can just place it in your pocket like Victorian men.

steampunk pocket watch

  1. DEFFRUN Fashion Train Carved Openable Hollow Steampunk Pocket Watch Charming Necklace Quartz Watch

Another multi-purpose pocket watch that also plays as a beautiful necklace is this DEFFRUN Fashion Quartz watch. It features an openable hollow case,  and you can see the train carved mechanics when the case is still on. The alloy chain completely turns this pocket watch into a beautiful necklace that can be worn by both men and women.

steampunk pocket watch

Creating your own unique style is the mantra of the steampunk movement. Investing in a well-maintained vintage steampunk pocket watch can completely transform your style and make you feel classy and elegant. Be sure to check that all the dials and gears are intact and working correctly and if possible go for the well-established brands that tend to retain or increase their value.


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