How to Store Your Silver Sterling Jewelry

After having bought an authentic piece of sterling silver jewelry, it is essential that you take good care of it. Now, the word ‘care’ is not limited to the routine cleansing, but it also involves an equally important aspect called ‘storage,’ where a Jewelry storage box can be used. Proper storage by the use of Vintage jewelry case can well be the differentiating factor between a shining earring and a tarnished necklace. So, let’s go ahead and discuss the basic storage tips for your sterling silver jewelry.

Choose a fresh and dry place:

Always store your precious sterling silver jewelry in jewelry storage box that is cool and dry. Make sure that the area you choose is free from dampness and allows open access to air. At the same time, the vintage jewelry case should be dark. Sunlight is known to cause oxidization which in turn tarnishes sterling silver. At the same time, ensure to keep your sterling silver jewelry away from the wood. Wood contains certain toxins that are well known to cause dullness. So, it is advisable to avoid wood at all costs.

 jewelry storage box Keep it well boxed:

Sterling silver jewelry is prone to get damaged if it is left out for long. Air is said to damage silver, and thus you need to save it from excessive exposure. For that, you can either opt for an air tight Jewelry storage box or store your jewelry in a standard vintage jewelry case. At the same time, kindly ensure that you avoid using a polyvinyl bag for storing your silver sterling jewelry. A polyvinyl bag contains certain compounds which tend to tarnish sterling silver.

 jewelry storage box

It is advisable to keep your precious sterling silver jewelry when not in use. You can store it in a standard poly-bag or a tarnish-proof bag . You can also opt for an air tight jewelry storage box. Keeping your jewelry stored ensures that your jewels get away with minimal cleansing and this, in turn, preserves their luster from getting dull. As it is, excessive cleaning is known to damage all objects.

 jewelry storage box

While planning to store your precious sterling silver jewelry, always make sure that you place it separately and exclude your regular jewelry items from your sterling silver jewelry at the same time. The reason for this mysterious exclusion is the very fact that sterling silver is sensitive to other metals and can easily get scratched in the act. So, if you wish to keep your silver sterling items neat and clean, you need to find a place which is both safe and secure.Vintage Jewelry Case

With diligence, not only would your sterling silver jewelry appear spic and span, but also you would avoid the hassle of getting it cleaned on a regular basis. The steps are simple and can easily be done at home. Besides, with time, you would gain enough expertise to create your techniques for storing your sterling silver in  Vintage jewelry case and taking care it.


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