Stunning Western Stars Jewelry collocation: How to Appear Sexy with Bikini

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Match the jewelry with Bikini? Yes, you have not misheard, what will happen when sexy meet with the fashion? Actually the combinations between the stylish and sexy have been show incisively and vividly by the western stars. Above all the bikini is not the one only wearing on the beach but able to put on when wandering the street only if you match with the stunning cheap jewelry, you are the same natural and attractive.

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Mischa Barton bears the brunt of showing the bold necklace with the bikini. The metal circle necklaces create bold necklace and pair with the white dot bikini, white sunglasses as well as the ocean style hot pants, can you feel a cool wind blow from her?

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Jessica Alba even sexy, though it is the blue standard three point bikini, uses a rose gold necklace as accessory. If choose the bold jewelry to match with the bikini I think it will be even stunning and fashionable.

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Jessica Stroup shows her glam temperament again with the bikini appearance, a flowing orange chiffon pair with the bikini which is full of exotic. She specially matches with a simple design colorful bracelet, but in reality a blue bracelet will accent her national feel attire.

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Maryna Linchuk this whole look is absolutely charming, pink dot Bikini is the embodiment of lovely and sexy! At that time she have not forgot to come up with jewelry, apart from the necklace on her neck, she also add a multiple layer bracelet on so as to accent her wrist. If you don’t like the complicated bracelet then a wider bracelet will be your sake which can achieve the same effect like that as well. In addition, you can’t ignore your leg, choose Bridal Pearl Anklet to accent you will find different taste with it.


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