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Make the Real Flower as the Beautiful Jewelry
real flower jewelry

Today, I discovered one interesting website to browse by chance. There are so much interesting, funny thing on it. And…

Long Necklet is the Winner in Summer
key necklet DIY

In summer, we can find that the cloth of people‚Äôs clothes is becoming rarer so as to keep them cool….

Hot DIY Trend to Try: Bobby Pin Earrings
Bobby Pin Earrings

I do believe that you need to use more or less pins to beautify hairs in daily life which seems…

My DIY Time Again: Polymer Clay Bead Necklace
DIY jewelry

If you keep following with the blog, you will find that I am fond of doing DIY in my spare…

Crystal Bead Charms to DIY My Own Bracelet
Charm bracelet

When I was a little child, I felt like to making things by myself including bracelet, paper-cut, bookmark and so…

My Latest Interest: Using Pearl Drilling Machine to DIY Jewelry by Myself

Special things always can bring different fun and joy to us. In recent time, I am infatuated with manual things….