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Jewelry To Make Your Maxi Dress Sizzle
finger rings

In the past, when it refers to long dresses, the formal occasions may come to our mind.  But now the…

Engagement Rings Trends in 2018
finger rings

People think that the best moment in a couple’s life is their wedding day. In reality, the engagement is more…

Wear Out the Young Feeling with Vintage Finger Rings
Alloy Leaf Finger Rings

Since the popular trend of vintage style, it looks like the current doesn’t tend to stop its ongoing step, and…

Cocktail Ring, a Piece of Perfect Embellishment
Emerald Crystal Finger Ring

Over the years, cocktail rings have become a piece of indispensable accessory in the list of women’ fashion items. Because…

Using Jewelry to Create Cartoon Kingdom on Fingertips
finger rings

It is indisputable that jewelry can absolutely reveal your personality and ring plays an important role in shaping dramatic image….

Tips to Choose the Appropriate Size of Rings
nail rings

Rings have already not just for marriage and engagement. When open girls and women’ jewelry box, all kind of jewelry…

To See How Icons Wear Pearl Ring
Zircon Pearl Flower Ring

In this spring, undoubtedly you need to have a new understanding of pearls because it has become one of indispensably…

Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration: Magnificent Colorful Rings
women rings

The colorful diamond inlaid rings show the out of ordinary romantic luxury with its magnificent colors and special quality. Big…