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Jewelry Street Snap in April
Sweater Necklaces

Unconsciously, it is April now. The weather is really changeable, the daily temperature is, too. From another perspective, it is…

Necklace and Sweater Open Spring Charming Collocation
women necklaces

Get rid of the coat in heavy fabric, the knit and chic hoodie is seen as the leading actor in…

How to Dress Irresistible without overdoing it
women necklaces

It is not hard to appear sexy, but you should spend more time on studying the fashion if you would…

Common Wearing Tricks of the Instagram Fashion Icons
women necklaces

When the weather is turning down, you must have been busy on preparing the winter wardrobe. In fact the most…

Analysis of Jewelry Boom in Earlier Spring of 2015
fashion jewelry

Various brands’ earlier series come on the stage succession, the colorful big diamonds, exquisite and complicated sculpture and line, crystal…

Dress Secrets Let You Higher 5 CM
women necklaces

I should said, perhaps it is the genetic that determine your height or the acquired environment result. As for the…

Appeal Jewelry Looks of the Best Dressed Women in 2014
bead charm bracelet

From the super models to the fashion icons, singers in the fashion world, the best dressed women ranking list has…

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