Technical Tips of Buying Brand Watch My Friend Told Me

Several days ago, I visited my good friend who is working in the brand watch shop. Asked which brand of watch I should buy for my boyfriend. At last I decide to buy the    men’s bracelet watch, because I have no plan of buying brand watch, he said just select the one I like and choose the shop that you are used to purchase goods from. “But if you would like to buy the brand watch, you have better learned more” he said.

He told me, in fact, the salesclerk on the brand watch shop are expertise and familiar with the history and classic series of the brands, but there are some unprofessional fault of those expertise salesclerk, if you are brand watch fan beginner, you are more likely to be misguided. Look following frequent words; find what’s wrong with them now!

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1.We are one of the brands of the best ten watch brands in the world, which is the most popular false report in the watch world. The ten top brand watch in the world is the result of electing by ballot, the judgment criteria is unclear. Even the watch hometown Switzerland haven’t any authority to judge the top ten best watch in the world, as there is a long history of each brand and different styles or function of the watch, it is hard to unify the standard.
2.Our watches are all handmade, it is truth that the watch making need the artisan craftsmanship and it is the part that worth to inherit. But rely on the artisan craftsmanship can’t make good watches.
3.Our watches are made by the master craftsman in Switzerland. The truth is most of the watches on the market are made by the young and middle-aged master.


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