How to Test Fake Gold

In the modern days, as the developing of the technology, there are those people who make fake jewelry with the high tech to take in the customers. The victims are always the customers, as it is different for normal people to identify whether it is fake jewelry or not. This is always occurring especially in the discount jewelry, such as gold statement necklace, gold rings, and bracelet.

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A complete gold jewelry usually make in several ways, and the gold content is noted somewhere on the jewelry in a 14K format normally. There are vary degrees of Karats of gold, but by itself, gold as a pure metal is too weak to make jewelry. In order to make the metal strong enough to make jewelry, the gold jewelry must combine with alloy metal such as nickel. Here are some ideas for you so that you can try to test your gold and see whether it is real.

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1. Firstly, place your gold jewelry on a planar surface. Place the magnet 1/4 to 1/2 inch away from the piece of jewelry. If there is any pull toward after meeting the magnet, it may be a gold-plated object or it is actually fake gold.

2. Wipe the gold jewelry with a jewelry cleaning cloth. If it is gold plated, the plating should come off without much trouble and you will know that the majority of the jewelry is not gold. If there is nothing changes to the piece, then you most likely have a real golden piece.


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