The Best Contemporary Korean Jewellery Brands

Korea has long been well known as the magical land of matters beauty products and fashionable clothing. With Koreans having a distinctive style that includes a mix of feminine and edgy fashion-forward influences, their fashion and accessory industry is one to look out for any day. Here are some well-known brands that sells some of the most luxurious jewellery, found almost everywhere in the world.

Korean Jewellery


This simply means ‘one wish’, which expresses the permanent value of this brand’s products and the good wish towards every customer. It cut-offs the boundaries between the pure art form and practical jewellery, therefore, creating jewellery of modern aesthetics. You can layer different bits and pieces or wear them independently for various looks.


This Jewellery brand is inspired by the forms of flowers and human bodies. The products of this brand strongly express the beauty of women in their designs. Their ring designs are very unique and stylish. However, you can also get simple necklaces with gentle designs that you can wear with your dresses. Recently, the designers of this brand have combined a ring-shaped design and bracelets to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Portrait Report. 

This jewellery brand was launched by a designer known as Jeong Baek Seok. It is a brand loved by many celebrities and public figures in Korea and the world at large. The most famous item of this brand is the twin ear cuffs, which come in handy for couples’s rings. For those ladies and couples who love simple yet stylish designs, Portrait Report jewellery is highly recommended.


The brand name was brought about by 1064.18, which is the temperature of gold melting. The greatest plus of this brand is that one item can be layered with many other ones to come up with a variety of styles. It is said to be the brand to go to when you need jewellery that can be used in various ways, not just pretty jewellery that you wear only on a special occasion. Presently, 1064studio is running classes for customers who want to experience handmade jewellery making. This only goes to show the time and determination put into this jewellery.

Several Korean jewellery brands have made it to the world-class market. At this age where “go big or go home” is the motto, sometimes less is more. Koreans have incorporated a lifestyle of elegance and femininity with jewellery. Korea is generally a jewellery and fashion hub to watch out for.





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