Three Tricks Tell How to Wash Your Diamond Jewelry

Even though the diamonds are the hardest things in the world, its tenacity is not so high, under the circumstance of strong crash, it will be damaged as well. Therefore, in the daily wearing of the diamond fashion jewelry, you should pay more attentions, or have better put it off while doing exercises, housework, cooking and so on.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry

1. Washing with the detergent
You should prepare a container which is just as big as a small bowl, mix up the warm water with neutral detergent, and put the diamond jewelry into the container, in the same time of brushing it slightly with the toothbrush. After all, entangle the jewelry with the tuck net and place in faucet wash with the warm water, finally, wrap with the lint.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry

2. Dip the diamond with cold water
Find a proper container, dip the diamond women rings with cold water for about 30min, bush it with the toothbrush again, at last warp with the clean lint is OK.

women ringswomen rings

3. Jewelry detergent
Buy a bottle of jewelry appropriative detergent from the brand jewelry shop; in general, there is the wash container together with the jewelry detergent, wash the diamond jewelry quickly according to the instruction.

women rings women rings


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