Tips for Selling Jewelry

Several years ago, I have met a friend in the street by chance. Since graduated from high school, it was my first time to see her. I feel really surprise as I found her different from the person who I know during high school. She looks very smart in a dark blue dress and with a brooch in her fashion dress. A pair of pearl drop earrings shining brightly nears her long wavy dark hair. Moreover, there is a Diamond ring on her left hand finger. She had been married. She just looks like a fashion model.

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I was curious about her experience after school. After talking with her, I know she is a jewelry sets seller now. She also told me some experience on selling jewelry at shows.

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No matter what happens, try to keep a positive attitude. It will make the experience much more pleasant for you as well as your customers. If you get upset or angry when working at a slow show because of your lack of sales, this attitude will only generate more negativity from potential customers.

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On that same note, think of your purpose as more than just a dollar. During a show, you are able to gain numerous fantastic messages from those who strolling in your tent. How do you react when your customers look at your jewelry?

After listening to her, I found I have learned so much, not only just on business, but also in being a good person.


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